Harvard Student helps Harvard Student

It is not without pride that we can announce successful funding of our 2nd student who was accepted to Harvard university.  C.G. can both benefit from a very attractive interest rate of 3.5% on her loan and a network of alumni and senior professionals who funded her auction.

Foreign students face a lot of red tape when studying in the US. While splendit issues proof of funding, other immigration related issues remain. Great to see that not only the network to alumni, but also to other students can help. M.B., our first Harvard student, had to pass the same hurdles 3 months ago and can help with C.G.’s immigration challenges.

N.A. (originally from Peru)  seeking to finance his MBA at St Gallen University is not facing immigration issues as he is also a Swiss citizen. Want to see what’s in it for you as investor? Check out his and other auctions here.

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